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Free, fresh form being beach bummed sooth silky soup. Clothing cloth clams land loftily lures trumpet tree tall. Do damm dees bees ball brunch.Two guys , Jay and George, George and Jay,  soothing up, form Mohxa. Love. Bliss. Mohxa to all.  



A few generations back, Paleo Faliro used to be the summer escape neighborhood for the Elite of Athens, as it's the first bit of sea one encounters when coming from downtown Athens (Acropolis and stuff) and going towards Cape Sounio, aka South Attica (Poseidon's temple and stuff).

This peculiar neighborhood is clouded by a melancholic retro-esque feel as it is occupied by rather older fellas.. and the Mohxa Boys.

The Mohxa boys are Jason Pachos and George Papachatzopoulos, friends since yay high, born and bred Falirians. They grew up almost thinking or simply wishing that Paleo Faliro was a Californian suburb in exile. Their home provided a wave, and some hills to skate down, and a more relaxed approach to life, nourishing creativity.

So one nice sunny day in a part of the world with a disastrously bad vibes, the wave in P. Faliro stood proud and brought some fresh energy, energy that delicate people like the Mohxa Boys caught on to, and translated into... shirts and totes.

Clothing turned out to be the common denominator that would express all that music, all the movies and images, all the inspiration, the photography, the arts, the sports the lifestyle of not pretending, experiencing, feeling. 

The Mohxa's started out with printed shirts but quickly dove into menswear, interpreting every garment and its role in their simple way, finally managing to develop a humble collection of their own designs. All conceptual work is done internally by the two, on top of the Brand's graphic and photographic needs, and the earlier stages of the production such as sourcing and cutting fabric. Basically sewing is the only part George and Jason would rather trust an experienced professional to do.. 

The first batch of fabric the team used was exclusively Greek rare dead stock, antiques, from a defunct textile industry that has since become decadent and derelict. It was part of that energy caught from the waves that urged them to reuse, recycle, re-energise the crisis struck market and most importantly... eliminate the bad viiibes, the cause of all evil! Now MOHXA sources and produces garments with the same founding principles, in europe.


It's not about surfing but this is surfing at mohxa point.